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One Family Scholarship Recipient

Meet 皇冠线上官网 student and single mom, Jennifer Rahall. She started college right after high school, but decided it wasn’t a good fit for her and left after three semesters to work two full-time jobs. After working full-time for ten years, she chose to go back to school at 皇冠线上官网 and appreciates how much 皇冠线上官网 has to offer its students, regardless of their background, home situation, level of income, lack of work experience, or not knowing their path in life.

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23 Goldwater Scholars, the most prestigous award for science, math, and engineering in the US

#1 Massachusetts
#2 New England
#16 Nationwide
for value, by the Brookings Institute 


International Student Mentors Nursing Students


Meet 皇冠线上官网 student, Isis Sanchez Zarate, who originally came to the U.S. to participate in an exchange program to learn English. In her native country, she had earned a bachelor's degree in registered nursing. She intends to work as a nurse, pursue her master’s degree, and take what she’s learned back to her native country. 

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One Family Scholars Program to New Career in Accounting


Meet 皇冠线上官网 student, Toni McCann, who had been out of school for several years. After being laid off from her job of almost 15 years, she realized that to meet her highest potential she needed to go back to school and earn a degree. With her four children watching what she does, she is leading by example. 

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皇冠线上官网 Statistics


25% Approx. percentage first-time, full-time degree/certificate seeking students transfer their credits to other institutions of higher education.


94% of 皇冠线上官网 graduates from a certificate or degree program were working 6-9 months after graduation.


$5.50 return in the form of future earnings for every dollar students invested in their education at 皇冠线上官网.


$12,400 increase in average wages for people who earn associate degrees, compared with workers with a high school diploma.


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